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Why Not 1
Why Not? Dani DaOrtiz
''This is a new project that I hope will be with me for a long time. When I began to write the books of the Semiautomatics, I let out a lot of tricks that where really good but had no place in the semiautomatic. Therefore, I needed to wait for more ambitious projects in order to share them with the magic community. But those projects always arrive from time to time. Therefore, I decided to start this new series of booklets.
In this booklets, I want to share the effects and ideas that I normally do. Effects with a solid construction, and on which I will also base myself to explain the techniques or theories that accompany them. Some are easier than others, but all are designed from the spectators point of view. We will work with chaos, with situations, with expectations ...

On the other hand, there are many ideas that arise almost at any moment, and that I can never share, being movements, theories or tricks not yet developed. In this series, I will also take advantage to start telling you, in the form of words, all those ideas that drown out the memory of my phone, captured in the form of a video at any time. I will write them, maturing them and expose them gradually in each new issue.

Thanks to this new series of books that had just begun, I have the perfect excuse to not have anything left, and to be able to share with all of these concerns in the form of tricks and ideas.''

Triunfo Fotográfico
La Serpiente
Carta al Número a Ciegas
Justo a Tiempo
Cuatro Coincidencias al Numero

¿Es ésta? (Carta Guía)
Three Card Monte (Percepción)
Sumando o Restando
Agregando Cartas
Carta que Regresa (Gag)
Languaje: Spanish | Pages: 36 | Format: EUR A5