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Va a salir de Abriremos una nueva ventana para dirigirle a .
DaOrtiz Lecture
The most recent of his work, interacting with you.
Via online, live, in ZOOM, for a limited group
Dani DaOrtiz
For approximately two hours, Dani DaOrtiz will show some of the works that he had prepared for the new seminars and productions, and that for current reasons, he has decided to advance and present at this new lecture.
New theories, Forces and effects.

A new reason to continue learning from Dani.
Juan Tamariz
How to create the maximum impact on your magic. This is the title of this conference that Juan Tamariz has designed exclusively for this occasion, and in which he talks, among other things, about new routines of Water and Oil or Haunted Deck, as well as new Tamarian techniques that have never seen the light .

A unique opportunity to learn from the teacher, in first person and interacting with him.
Follow the lives from the actual platform and travel to Juan and Dani's house.
These conferences have been created by Dani and Juan, due to the world situation in which we live in confinement. Therefore, they will be taught live, from each of their homes, and specially designed for the occasion.

They will be carried out from the Zoom platform, so that you can easily follow it from your computer, tablet or mobile, from where you can intervene with questions, and speak directly with Juan or Dani.

Due to the restrictions of the application and looking for the good conditions of the live show, the number of participants will be limited.
The conference will be held in English and subtitled in Spanish, and will be recorded for the exclusive use of attendees on the day of the event. It will not be sold later.

Both lectures have already been held and are now available for immediate access, only for Gkaps users who access from the mailing launched a few minutes ago.
Dani DaOrtiz 09 of May of 2020
Juan Tamariz 16 of May of 2020
Juan Tamariz + Dani DaOrtiz