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one2one con dD
one2one con dD - Gkaps
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After many requests, Dani DaOrtiz starts offering sessions online, in what is an authentic one2one MasterClass. That is, for a single person.

You can talk directly with Dani anything you want to know. You can explore in the first person, the Magical conception of DaOrtiz, as well as work in any subject of advice, stories such as creation of routines, preparation of a show, study in a particular trick ... or investigate the various studies of Dani on psychological forages, cronstruction, magic and television, etc.

You're the boss! Once you decide to give the class, Dani will contact you by email, for the topic that concerns you, and will be prepared for when the session is done through videoconferencing.
Decide when you want to start. Adapt the sessions to your calendar and enjoy!
Follow the video conference from FaceTime or Skype, from your computer, tablet or phone.
In each session, you can receive additional material in video or pdf format, which can be stored in your virtual library.
The multi-camera technology of studio of GKaps, will make it easy to follow the sessions, without losing any angle.
Sessions can be given in both English and Spanish.
The sessions have a hour and a half of duration as minimum, being able to be more extensive.
Dani will make a personalized follow-up of progress during the period that lasted the chosen plan.
Dani only dedicates the months from September to December, to the sessions, an exception to the annual plan.
Choose the plan that best suits your needs. Once the purchase is finished, a calendar will be displayed in which to choose the day and time you want to start (you can do it at any time), after confirmation of Dani. Also, you will receive an inquiry by email from Dani DaOrtiz, to prepare the session.
3 Sessions
6 Sessions
6 Sessions - Payment twice* -First Payment-
12 Sessions. One per month for one year
12 Sessions. One per month for one year. Payment twice* -First Payment-
* Two-time payments will be made, one at the time of purchase, and the other at some time before the end of the last session.
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