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Oferta de Navidad 2019
More than 30 hours of magic.
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Dani DaOrtiz &
Woody Aragon
In a new monographic work by Grupokaps, Dani DaOrtiz and Woody Aragon, cover the fascinating theme of 'magic with four hands', with effects that although they could be performed by a single magician, they are designed to be able to be done together with a magician friend, in any time and situation. Almost 6 hours of magic by this two genius.
available January 10, but will appear in your library immediately.
A few weeks ago, Dani DaOrtiz offered his six-hour seminar in estreaming, where Dani has exhibited everything new about his magic, during this year 2019.
available January 10, but will appear in your library immediately.
The most complete video work of Juan Tamariz. More than 10 hours of its magic, now available in streaing, included in this fantastic offer.
Great Work of Mario Lopez on DVD Streaming. Hours and hours of authentic creativity, embodied in video. Now, also within this Christmas pack.
Two of the most outstanding LIVEs of the Lives of Gkaps, are undoubtedly that of Gabi Pareras and Luis Piedrahita. Cino hours of the best author magic, included in this Christmas pack.
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