Master Class Dani DaOrtiz - Gkaps
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Master Class dD
Master Class de dD
Intimate, Personal ... Exclusive.
3 intense days in the life of Dani DaOrtiz, to study,
to experiment and learn only what you have. you want
Only for 7 persons
A small group of assistants to be able to express every moment.
From the heart of Dani.
A MasterClass held at Dani's studio in Estepona, Malaga, Spain.
You can find also a library of more than a thousand titles so that, for you can
watch in any time
A look at your last act, your concerns, needs or simply
immerse yourself in the world of Dani (his new things, his conceptual conception ...) for 3 intense days.
If there are English speaking assistants, the classes will be taught in both English and Spanish (both English and Spanish).
MastarClass 17,18 and 19 November 2023
Friday 17 NOV
18:00 horas. Welcome y adaptación
18:30 hr - 21:00 hr - First Part
21:30 hr - Dinner
23:00 hr - 01:00 - Second Part
01:00 hr - Back to relax. Or not!

Sunday 19 NOV
12:00 hr - 14:00 hr - Fith Part
14:30 hr - lunch
16:00 hr - 18:00 - Sixth Part
Saturday 18 NOV
18:00 hr - 21:00 hr -Third Part
21:30 hr - Dinner
23:00 hr - 01:00 - Fourth Part
01:00 hr - Back to relax. Or not!
All guests will be accommodated in a Villakaps.
Meetings, meals and accommodation will in Villakaps. A villa surrounded by nature, created by and for magic. It has several places to relax and study, as well as a library of more than 2000 titles, and a video library with hundreds of videos..
Buy your seat now. There are only 7 seats!
The price includes 1 Class + Accommodation (2 days) and Meals in program
* with the option to pay twice, you can pay half now the other half on arrival, or at any time you request.
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Claudio 2019-09-24
The masterclass has been interesting and useful, and beyond the tricks Dani shown us, fundamental have been the explanations and methods which can be applied to everything concerning the magic activity
Nathan Oyler 2017-10-26
I have just returned from a 3 day Master Class with Dani Daortiz, and Yann Frisch, his invited guest. I was initially nervous that I didn't speak any Spanish, and it would be a challenge to understand the content. This was not an issue, Dani does an amazing job explaining the magic in English and Spanish, and it was a delight to watch Dani and Yann perform for us. Dani would then go into deep detail around his thought process in constructing the magic, as well the individual tricks. He was always thoughtful when taking questions, and was a joy to learn from. I owned a lot of Dani's lectures, but when trying several techniques in the real world found them challenging. Being up close, and seeing him use them, and explain them really gave me a sense of understanding that lectures alone couldn't provide. In only a few days since the course, I have been able to successfully do many techniques for participants that I was unable to before. I am a better, and more confident magician since attending this course. The nuances and details he would give were often unpublished, and were a joy to take in. There were a variety of skill levels at the master class, and no matter where you were, Dani would focus on details that would make sense for you. Having seen most of his lectures, I often knew all the beats to a trick, but there was a wealth of information that he expressed that was worth the entire cost. The real secrets are in his head while he talks about the topics. It was a large leap of faith to travel from the US to a location I'd never heard of in Spain for a Master Class, but it was the most enjoyable, and worthwhile experience possible. I cannot suggest it highly enough, it really is a life memory I will always hold with me.
Eduardo Stabholz 2018-04-21
Yo lo hice el año pasado y se los recomiendo. Dani es para mi un quiebre entre la magia que aprendí en en los últimos 50 años y lo que él propone. Es una experiencia inolvidable! No hubo día en que no se me cayera la mandíbula...