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GEA - Gkaps
GEA, Miguel Angel Gea
Miguel Angel Gea's first work on DVD, in which he shares much of his professional material. Entirely recorded in Spanish, and with full detail.
Homage to Joaquin Navajas (Online DVD 1): Based on 10 performed and explain ned tricks on this first DVD, Miguel Angel, focuses on granting a homage to Joaquin Navajas, giving an ample review of techniques as important and known as the catapult or the cave, never before explained by Miguel Angel, which, more than explaining the techniques with all the details, expounds his own ideas on the techniques.

At the tips of the fingers, money through glass, from hand to hand, money and cards, visible and invisible, fleeting travel, metallic flight, police money, travelers to the box.

2. The Sleeves (DVD 2): Explaining and talking about almost 10 tricks, in this second DVD, Miguel gives us a master class about the sleeves and your surroundings.

Instant travel (two coins), Instant travel (three coins), the three elements, fictional disappearance, mimicry, given orders, fanning, blind vision.

Creative studios (2 DVDS)
Dvd | DvdMedia
130 mins
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