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Course Annual DaOrtiz - Gkaps
Course Annual DaOrtiz
Course Annual DaOrtiz
New Call: November 2021 - November 2022
For some years now, Dani DaOrtiz's personal vision of the world of magic and the psychology applied to it has attracted thousands of people.

In his advisory stage, Dani currently offers television advice to characters such as Luis Piedrahita in Spain, or David Blaine in the United States. In turn, as an instructor, he offers multiple conferences and seminars all over the world. In its last stage, Dani offers the so-called MasterClass, where people from any part of the world visit it during a weekend, looking for a unique experience.

Therefore, taking into account the interest that his philosophy awakens, and after the successive requests, Dani has decided to create a year-long course, in the distance, with continuous contact and training through videos, in which the assistant can not only dive deeply into his philosophy and its conception, but also develop it, assimilate it, understand it and carry it out.
From your location (America/New_York), must consider -6 hours. The event will start at 06:00
This course is intended for all those who want to enter Dani mind, regardless of their level, or if they are professional or not, all education received will help their objectives. To the professional, it will help you to be better professional and to the simple one interested in continuing to grow magically, you will leave the course with a deep teaching on how to project your magic from the viewer's point of view.

Because it is an author's course, it is not necessary for the student to have extensive knowledge about magic, although all experience would help in its evolution.

It will make you grow as an artist and help you understand the viewer from a psychological level.
The course is intended for a small group of students, so that Dani can attend to everyone personally, with continuous contact through videos, personally and exclusively.

The student will record their progress in video, so that Dani can see it, correct it, advise it and respond directly.
The student will immerse themselves in Dani magical conception and conclude the course by having a deep knowledge about his philosophy and all the practical and theoretical aspects that make it so interesting.

All exercises, as well as tricks, routines ... will be only cardmagic, for being Dani -weapon of war-, but the student can apply everything learned on any element, and even the magic style he performs. This course is not intended to strengthen the student's fingers, but its magical conception.

How many times have you heard ...? That can only be done by Dani! In this course you will learn to understand his philosophy, assimilate it and use it in his own style..
This course has been developed for all kinds of interests, but with a single purpose: to deepen and understand, through theoretical and practical exercises, the magical conception of Dani DaOrtiz.

Will satisfy the curiosity of those who want to know about Dani's conception, will help the professional who is fully dedicated to this art, will strengthen the one who practices the same style of Dani's magic, will help those who are creating a show, to those who want to reach beyond, or to those who simply want to live a new experience.

Dani will offer his wisdom, experience and teachings, without any shielding, so that the student can trace his own end.

Once this course is finished, the student will have extensive knowledge about the DaOrtiz philosophy, better understanding the way the viewer thinks and feels. He will have a deep knowledge in the creation of shows, magical structures, psychologies, as well as a large arsenal of routines and magical techniques. It will become DaOrtiz 2020 generation directly.
If there is something better than a certificate or academic seal, it is undoubtedly to have belonged to a school with its own seal. The passage through a course of these characteristics, will make you belong to the DaOrtiz 2020 generation. The group of magicians who will leave the first course taught by Dani DaOrtiz.
The course is both theoretical and practical. The student will have a great part of prominence, having to exhibit everything they have learned or exercises, for their successive corrections, which will make them understand and grow under the Daortiz philosophy.

Some of the topics to be discussed, divided into theoretical concepts, creation of games / sessions and technique:

Naturalness (Non-verbal language and psychological foundations)
Management of spectators in general.
Creativity (development, perception, management, etc.).
Memory-Memory (creation, deletion and manipulation)
Structures (Pillars, Funnels Effects, MC, etc.)
Emotions-Sensations (Three grades, Expectations, suspense, etc).
Control of attention (both physical and psychological)

Session creation
camera and space management for large areas
Content structure

Magic Marketing.

Psychological forces
Thought Objects
No contact theory
Around the lap

In addition to a multitude of digital techniques such as changes, mixtures, classifications, ordinations, controls, estimates, etc.
All lessons will be recorded on video on the web. In addition, the student will receive the games to rehearse, in files or videos, in addition to having the internal forum of the web for any doubt or management of their digital content.
The course will last one year, it will be in the distance with continuous contact with Dani.

- The theme of the course will be as follows: Dani will record and release the class on video, the first days of each month. During the current month, the subject in question will be studied. The student can adapt to the schedule and agenda that best suits him.

In addition to the theoretical part, Dani will ask the student for the essays with the theme of the class, which the student will record on video and leave in his exclusive web profile. Dani will watch the video, correct and give an exclusive and personal response to the student. If necessary, Dani will make a Skype connection with the student for better communication.

- The web of the course will be enabled, where the student can express their doubts, as well as upload the digital files, both by Dani and the student. The web will also serve to join the group in a virtual way, which can upload videos or maintain contact in the photo enabled, among other things.

- In Spanish and English.
Dani will dedicate this year, to the exclusive delivery to the students. The videos are recorded exclusively for this course. Dani has decided to have a reduced quota that can be formed through the digital platform of dD School.

All classes will be videotaped, and then posted on the web so that the student can study it, see it as many times as they want and have their own schedule. The student will have continuous contact, both with Dani, as well as with all students.

The student will have a continuous monitoring of Dani, who will have successive communications with him, personally, to correct and send material, in addition to viewing the continuous videos that the student must send to Dani, showing his progress.

- The course will start in September of this year and will end in September of next year. . Dani will personally contact each student for the presentation.

-The course would have a total price of 3496$.


- Access to all recorded classes.
- Access to the web where you will find all the material in addition to your area to upload and download content.
- Communication via Skype with Dani (on dates chosen by Dani)
- Audiovisual material (in addition to the courses), used in the courses
- The course is one year long, and the student can travel to Spain at the end of the course, to meet all the students, and participate in a performance with Dani and the rest and students. This point is optional.

The payment of the course can be made throughout the year 2020, in a single payment or in a fractional way during the course. If you are interested in the course, please make your reservation at the following button. We will get in touch as soon as possible.
Buying this reservation, the course attendance is guaranteed. Once the amount of the reservation has been paid, we will contact you to determine the payments of the rest of the fee (in a single payment, or in payments on the dates chosen by you, within the year of the course).
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